Coach driving competition

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/With at least 15 competitors/

The coach-driving champion Gábor Szegedi introduces the rules to the competitors. After drawing starting numbers, the competitors are shown the course, after which they may begin to practice and complete it. The drivers have to manoeuvre the carriage through the gates built of cones while the balls on the top must not be knocked off. A ball knocked off earns 3 penalty points. In case of a draw the one who completes the course faster will win the competition. A professional emcee provides commentary for the competitors and spectators. The course was built to meet the specifications of FEI, and the results are also evaluated accordingly.

At the end of the competition the winner and the runner-ups are awarded the Lázár Equestrian Park prizes in the midst of a ceremony, and all the participants get their personal participation diploma with the signature of the world champions.


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