In little cauldrons and on platters

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A sample of our menus, further offers are available upon request.

Special menus may be requested for vegetarians and those with food allergies.


A taste of cold Hungarian delicacies

  • Farmhouse ham, smoked, mangalica sausage, bacon, cold meat specialities, cheeses fresh vegetables, homemade bread

  • 2 dl glass of white or red wine

  • Mineral water

  • Espresso coffee

Csikós / Horseman’s menu

  • A cauldron of Hungarian goulash

  • Delicately spiced Domonyvölgy roast meats, bacon and onion potatoes or fried jacket potatoes, with rice

  • Farmhouse pickles (cucumber, bell peppers, mixed pickles, hot peppers)

  • Custard pie with apricot jam

  • Half liter red or white wine

  • Mineral water

  • Espresso coffee

Wines to the above menus:

  • Neszmély Cuvée 2012. - – Mihály  Szöllősi Winery, Neszmély

  • Villány Portugieser 2012. – Zoltán Polgár Winery, Villány

Chef ’s favourite

  • Hungarian cold plate starter (smoked mangalica sausage, salami, cold goose liver, goose crackling with onion, fresh vegetables)

  • Rich guinea-fowl soup

  • Served on a wooden platter: stuffed Gödöllõ chicken leg, breast of turkey with cheese and spinach, rolled in sesame seed, the chef’s favourite marinated tenderloin of pork in (grilled tenderloin of pork with steamed prunes), roast beef with pepper

  • Fried potatoes with onion and garlic (tócsni), rice with sweet corn

  • Farmyard pickles, seasonal salad

  • A selection of strudels served with vanilla ice cream

  • Pannonhalma Chardonnay 2011. (2 dl) Mihály Szöllősi Winery, Neszmély

  • Tüke Bikavér 2011 (2 dl)- Eszterbauer Winery, Szekszárd

  • Mineral water

  • Espresso coffee

Head of stable’s favorite


  • Consomée with jellied eggs

  • Hortobágy meet filled pencake

  • Served on wooden plate: stuffed mushroom with cottage cheese, pork medalion sin bacon, breast of turkey filled with dried plums, steamed beef with garlic spinach, knuckle of pork fried with beer,  breast of chicken tessini style

  • Hungarian potatoes with „lecsó”, rice, green pepper sauce

  • Farmyard pickles and seasonal salad

  • Cottage cheese strudel with vanilla sauce and caramelized apricot

  • Espresso coffee

  • Magnus Cuvée 2008. (2 dl.) – Szöllősi Winery Neszmély

  • Juhász Paptag vörös, 2008. (2 dl) - Juhász testvérek Winery, Eger

  • Mineral water




Contact us

Throughout the year guests are welcome on a reservation basis.
H-2182 Domonyvölgy, Fenyő utca 47.
GPS: W.: N47.62949 L.: E19.40773
Phone: +36 28 576 510
Fax: +36 28 576 511
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