Self-service catering

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  • Fish chips on a bed of salad

  • Fillet of fish in aspic

  • Green paprika filled with seasoned cottage cheese cream

  • Farmyard platter (smoked sausage, ham, goose cracklings, salami, vegetables)

  • Hortobágy meat-filled crépe


  • Goulash

  • Rich chicken soup 

  • Hungarian mushroom soup

  • Hungarian noodle soup

  • Goulash with beans and sour cream

  • Bean soup with smoked knuckle of pork

Main dishes:

  • Beef stew in red wine with dill ewe cheese dumplings

  • Stuffed cabbage rolls

  • Paprika chicken stew with homemade dumplings

  • Grilled chicken with baked apples

  • Stripes of chicken breast with bacon and garlic with penne in cheese sauce

  • Leg of duck with rosemary, served with steamed cabbage

  • Bakony slice of pork with dumplings

  • The chef’s marinated tenderloin of pork (steamed prunes with port sauce)

  • Beef  with piquant game sauce and celery bread dumplings

  • Roast sirloin steak with fried onion rings

  • Slice of tuna in spring onion sauce

  • Bacon and mushroom beef with pasta

  • Hortobágy Shepherd’s stew (with tarhonya or potatoes)

  • Bean sauce with knuckle of pork

  • Vegetable strudel with dill sauce

  • Paprika mushroom stew with dumplings


  • Rich moist sponge cake with chocolate sauce and cream

  • A selection of strudels

  • Cottage cheese pastries

  • Custard pie with hot apricot jam

  • Doughnut twists

  • Poppy seed bread pudding

  • Dumplings with poppy seed and vanilla sauce


Contact us

Throughout the year guests are welcome on a reservation basis.
H-2182 Domonyvölgy, Fenyő utca 47.
GPS: W.: N47.62949 L.: E19.40773
Phone: +36 28 576 510
Fax: +36 28 576 511
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