Thematic events

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Western: Cowboy’s favourite

 From 50 persons: 2 kinds of starters, 2 kind of salads, 2 soups, 5 main dishes and 2 desserts



  • Bagel with gooseliver

  • Raw, seasoned bison mince on toast

  • Guacamole with fresh vegetables (avocado cream)



  • Branco (lettuce, cucumber, corn, apple, smoked pork)

  • American coleslaw (cabbage, carrots, ketchup, mayonnaise, worcester sauce)

  • Prawncocktail with green salad



  • Corn soup

  • Oxtail soup

  • Sitting Bull’s favourite: ragout of beef soup with tarragon)


Main dishes

  • Roastbeef with Jack Daniels sauce

  • Gold prospectors’ steak with caramelized onion rings

  • Chicken breast tortilla wrap with vegetables

  • Colorado chicken wings (spicy-hot)

  • Deerslayer’s sausage (with smoked meat)

  • Grilled trout

  • Butterfish steak with lemon-butter pesto


Giant pan meals:

  • Samuel Colt’s pork medallions with bean ragout

  • Chicken breats salsa (tomato, chilli, garlic, sweetcorn, cream)


Side dishes

  • Vegetable strudel

  • Steak potatoes

  • Rice with sweetcorn

  • Grilled corn on the cob

  • Boiled rice



  • American pancake with maple syrup

  • Sheriff's favourite (grilled banana and pineapple with cinnamon, rum, toasted almond)

  • Bandits' treat (whiskey chocolate)

  • Churros (cinnamon-flavoured Mexican dessert)

  • Chocolate doughnuts

  • Cheesecake



From 50 persons: 2 kinds of starters, 2 soups, 5 main dishes and 2 desserts



  • Farmyard platter (smoked sausage, ham, goose cracklings, salami, vegetables)

  • Mixed vegetables of the season

  • Green pepper filled with cottage cheese cream

  • Aspic



  • Thick chicken soup with vegetables

  • Cold fruit soup

  • Goulash soup

  • Tomato soup with pasta


Main dishes

  • Small portion of pork stew with egg dumplings

  • Ox tripe stew, pig’s foot stew with boiled potatoes

  • Green pea sauce

  • Roast duck

  • Fried slices of pork

  • Marinated knuckle of pork and pork rib

  • Roast chicken with apple

  • Domonyvölgy grilled sausage

  • Lung stew with bread dumplings

  • Hortobagy shepherds’ favourite: stewed meat with egg barley or potato

  • Grilled seasonal vegetables

  • Boiled rice

  • Apple-currant steamed cabbage

  • Liver stew with red pepper



  • Plum-filled dumpling

  • A selection of strudels

  • Poppy seed and walnut bread pudding

  • Semolina

  • Rice pudding

  • Floating islands

  • Emperor’s crumble pudding

  • Walnut sweetbread with vanilla sauce

  • Hungarian bread pudding



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