Regular partners

The CBA Hungarian Supermarket Chain organizes annually for 2000-2500 persons a summer party for the owners and their partners.
In 2012 Robert Bosch Electronics Ltd. organized their seventh full-day family event for 6 500 guests.
TEVA Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. organized their 2100 person Family Day for the fifth time in the Equestrian Park in 2012.
For the 4th time in 2011 the Chamber of Personal and Property Security and Private Detectives Family Day was attended by 2 500 people.
For several years the Alpha-Vet Animal Health Ltd. have held their conferences and product launches here for 3-400 people.
AVON Cosmetics Hungary have hosted their summer family day and end of year party here several times.
In 2012 Itron (Actaris) company celebrated their ninth sports day with us for 4-500 people.
In 2012 Bonafarm-Bábolna Feed Ltd. organized their partners party for the third time in the Lázár Equestrian Park.
The MKB Bank organised for the second time in 2012 the Professors' Club event attanded by 500 Professors and their wives.
Hungarian Energy Authority organized their family day for the second time in our Equestrian Park.
In 2012 FOTEX (organized by the agency Createam) also held their second team building event here.
The Lázár Team provides the VIP catering of the National Gallop and OTP Bank Budapest Horse show every year.
Our regulars are the next firms:
Alltech Hungary Ltd., DHL, ExxonMobil BSC Hungary Ltd., GE Hungary, GlaxoSmithKline Ltd., Glencore Grain Hungary Ltd., Grundfos Manufacturing Hungary Ltd., Humán BioPlazma Ltd., IBM ISC Hungary Ltd., the Prosecutor General, the Hungarian Post Ltd., Modern Alarm Ltd., Mol Group, Nycomed Pharma Ltd., Pfizer
Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Ltd., Procter & Gamble, Sade Hungary Ltd., Sara Lee Hungary Ltd., Samsung Ltd., Siemens Ltd., Sodexo Pass Hungária Ltd., Swiss, Slovenian, South African, Italian, Canadian and Danish Embassies, Szent István University, Utiber Ltd., Varta Hungária,
Xellia Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Ceva Phylaxia…

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Contact us

Throughout the year guests are welcome on a reservation basis.
H-2182 Domonyvölgy, Fenyő utca 47.
GPS: W.: N47.62949 L.: E19.40773
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Fax: +36 28 576 511
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